Video Game Repair

Home or Business

We repair arcade type video games at your home or business in the Central Alabama area.
We also repair 8 liners such as Cherry master, Crazy Bugs and Pot of gold.


I repair classic arcade videos like Pacman, Ms.Pacman, Centipede, Galaga, Defender and other similar type coin operated arcade games, including modern video games.
I do not repair x-boxes, Play-stations etc, only the type of games seen in a typical amusement game arcade such as classic arcade videos like Pacman, Ms.Pacman, Centipede, Galaga, Defender and many modern games too numerous to mention.  Click HERE for Pinball Repairs


Why hire me to repair your games?
I have over 30 years experience in the industry.  After 3 years full-time training in electronics school I started with a video game company in Dublin, Ireland.  That was just about the time Space Invaders came out.   I had already worked on "Boot Hill" by Midway and "Breakout" by Atari.  In fact, my boss sent me to the Atari factory in Tipperary Town for 2 weeks training.  After a short while came "Super Breakout" and "Sprint2" by Atari and "Galaga" by Midway. I also worked on Rowe-Ami juke boxes and various pinball machines of the era.

We had plenty of gaming machines at that time too, except we called them Fruit Machines - mainly made by Bell Fruit in England.

I have been in business since that time and have worked on all kinds of equipment including pool tables, air hockey, electronic dart games - even shuffle boards !

With just about all the companies I worked for I also worked on 8 Liners and "Pot of Gold".
Although I did just about everything the job required I was actually a component-level technician and monitors were my specialty.

At this time I am available as a free-lance technician based in Birmingham and covering Central Alabama.

I would be happy to take care of your games for you.