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Central and North Alabama


Our passion is
Pinball Machine Repair
Video Game Repair

We Can Install:
a Multi-Cade , 60 games-in-one system
in your existing Pacman , Galaga , or similar, cabinet.
This includes all the old classic games such as 
Pacman, Donkey Kong, Centipede and much more!
We can also set it on "Free-Play" for home use if desired.

We repair pinball machines and arcade type video games at your home or business in the Central Alabama area.
If you live anywhere around the central part of Alabama I can travel to your home or business and fix your pinball or arcade game. This includes Gadsen to Tuscaloosa and Huntsville to Montgomery and all points in between. 
No need to move your games.  We come to you !

30 Years Experience

Just call 
(205) 587 5133

I repair classic arcade videos like Pacman, Ms.Pacman, Centipede, Galaga, Defender and other similar type coin operated arcade games and many modern games too numerous to mention..
I do not repair x-boxes , Play-stations etc, only the type of games seen in a typical amusement game arcade, including pinball machines.    Read about the PacMan game HERE
For Pinball Repair CLICK HERE.

Why hire me to repair your games?
I have over 30 years experience in the  game industry as a game repair technician.  After 3 years full-time training in electronics school I started with a video game company in Dublin, Ireland.  That was just about the time Space Invaders came out.   I had already worked on "Boot Hill" by Midway and "Breakout" by Atari.  In fact, my boss sent me to the Atari factory in Tipperary Town for 2 weeks training.  After a short while came "Super Breakout" and "Sprint2" by Atari and "Galaga" by Midway. I also worked on Rowe-Ami juke boxes and various pinball machines of the era.  

We had plenty of gaming machines at that time too, except we called them Fruit Machines - mainly made by Bell Fruit in England.  This were electro-mechanical with a big tray of cams and relays in the bottom of the cabinet.

I have been working in the amusement industry since that time as a game repair technician and have worked on all kinds of equipment including pool tables, air hockey, electronic dart games - even shuffle boards !

With just about all the companies I worked for I also worked on 8 Liners and "Pot of Gold" (while they were legal  :)    )
Although I did just about everything the job required I was actually a component-level technician and monitor repair was my specialty.  I also got great satisfaction from pinball repair.

Part of my job as a video game repair technician was "conversions and modifications".  This meant taking out a game from a cabinet and rewiring it for a totally different game.  For example, putting a golf game into a wide bodied video game cabinet.  Apart from the wiring, this involved major work on the control panel fitting the trak (roller) ball and cutting and drilling the plexi to suit.  On 8 Liners I have added many additional ticket dispensers, printers and bill acceptors.  This mainly requires cutting a neat and tidy hole in the front door and adding a little extra wiring.  I have also converted video games to 8 liners, 8 liners to Pot of Gold etc etc and  wired  up both of these type of games from "scratch" - from a bare, empty cabinet to a fully functional game.  

At this time I am available as a free-lance technician based in Birmingham and covering Central Alabama.

I would be happy to take care of your games.  Just call me at

Leo O'Grady.